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The burden for missionary work was included to pastor D.Samuel by the Holy Spirit of God and 15 believers from different churches had responded to this invitation and started assembling and praying for God's guidance in the missionary work. By like-minded youth that wanted preach the gospel and plant the churches also development for rural poor people in vulnerable society, and strengthen disadvantaged people in India without reference of sex, caste and creed.

As a result of fervent prayer the Lord had given the vision with the motto, and target to active our aims, we adopt to teach, train and transform.
In technical subjects like ancillary trades, electronic, computers, modern techniques, agriculture and arboricultural animal husbandry, poultry, forming, nonformula technical courses and small scale industries.
In eradicating ignorance superstitions, traditions and all barriers to become faithful ministers and pastors and preachers of the gospel.


The name Indian rural gospel mission was chosen according to the word of song at songs 7:11 it literally means circle hence the various circles which are UN-reached with the gospel are chose as
Under the inner most circle = family circle,
Intimate circle = friends and relatives circle
UN-intimate circle = neighborhood circle,
Unacquainted circle = city and state circle
National circle = through out the nation,
International circle = uttermost pant of the earth.


INDIAN RURAL GOSPEL MISSION FOLLOWS THE MOSAIC PATTERN OF LEADERSHIP (EX18: 21) board of director, Regional leader, area leader’s, prayer group leaders



IRGM as per has adopted Pauline pattern of mission 2 Thes3: 8,1cor4: 12 hence the technical training also to the missionaries.



As for as church planting is concerned IRGM embraces The Antioch pattern of churches. fasting and praying church v3 Sending church v3 Giving church act 11:29, 30.



We entirely depend on amount received for our project by the help of our believers’ offerings, tithe and contribution from well wishes .


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Meet some of our lovely, positive people.


Our missionaries, directors and promotional workers are doing preaching practicing and proclaiming the gospel. Reports are received by the promotional secretary who interns keep all informed of the progress prayer request are received and sent to all prayer groups to be prayed for monthly magazine is published projects for the various branches of the ministry .



There are thousand and thousands of people yet to be evangelized in huge land of India until they are not reached by the gospel, how can we Christian take rest? When the Million and Million of people are going towards the burning hell how can we rest, unless we reach them they are going to be perished.



The work of the mission is being carried out from rented building at Gudiyatham in vellore district, state of Tamilnadu. We have established good report with people by doing community social service. And other churches who belief same faith. Also sister concern organization is called Dr.Peter Charitable Trust



Meet some of our lovely, positive people.